Our Mission

American Discount Corporation, LLC

Mission Statement:
We add value to employer groups, the US military, unions and associations by giving them access to voluntary benefits and/or discounts on various products and services including group insurance plans for automobile and home owners. 

Vision Statement:
Our goal is to be one of the most successful affinity group marketing companies in the United States. We will have 100 groups under contract.  We will be doing business throughout most of the US and will have access to voluntary benefits and/or discounts for products and services for our clients through our partnerships with some of the most successful companies in the country including Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and Travelers Insurance Company. 

    1. Integrity – doing the right thing, even when no one is watching
    2. Honesty – being honest in all our dealings, regardless of the cost to us as a company
    3. Professionalism – under promising and over delivering on what we agree to do
    4. Dependability – meeting or exceeding our commitments, being reliable always
    5. Compassion – being sensitive to the needs and plight of our clients, particularly the US Military
    6. Accountability – we are willing to be held accountable for what we promise and what we deliver
    7. Commitment – we are committed to excellence in all of our personal and professional dealings
    8. Visibility – at all times we do business in an open and above board manner

Strategic Plan:
Working to realize the Vision of the company through partnerships and strategic alliances.